Sophie:  Miss Vera is my brand new piano teacher!  She is very nice, and also, she is amazing, and she also just delivered her twin babies!  She is from Hungary, and her husband is named Christophe.  With her as my teacher, I played in my first piano recital this past winter.  My next performance is coming up soon.

Lisa:  We are so fortunate to have found 2 great piano teachers for Sophie.  We adored Miss Joan back in Pennsylvania.  (Yes, you heard right…”we.”  I am taking lessons along with Sophie!)  And now that we’re back in Ohio, we are taking lessons from Miss Vera.  Vera is a very innovative instructor.  She has worked hard to help Sophie improve her technique.  Despite Sophie’s tonal processing issues, Vera has taught Sophie to harmonize by ear.  Sophie can play the melody of a song with one hand by reading music, AND she can now intuitively add a harmonizing accompaniment with the other hand.  What a great brain exercise!  Stay tuned for new video footage of Sophie playing the piano.

Sophie:  Goodbye folks!

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