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Lisa:  The Sydney Opera House is an incredible architectural masterpiece.  Shaped like the sails of ships, its unique and iconic shape makes it hard to miss.  I remember seeing it as we descended toward the airport upon arrival.  The opera house is nestled in the heart of Sydney Harbour and is surrounded by multiple upscale dining and entertainment venues.   Cool to touch, its tiles glisten in the sun and appear to change colors based on the sun’s intensity and reflection on the nearby water.  I really enjoyed touring it.  Perhaps next time, we can actually book a concert there.  Thanks again to my dear friend Kay for being the ultimate tour guide!

John, Sophie, and I hiked quite a bit during our trip.  Our first excursion was a two hour power walk in the cliffs that overlook Balmoral Beach.  The vistas were spectacular.

Sophie:  We saw ships, sailboats, and lots of pretty flowers on our hike.  The water was very pretty.  Goodbye folks!

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