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Lisa:  With the new year comes new beginnings, renewed hope to forge ahead, new challenges, and new goals.  We have an evaluation coming up next week and are looking forward to new activities from Bob and Company at NACD.  For now, we work on our present program, full speed ahead. Ok, so here are my resolutions with regard to Sophie and her development: to assist  helper Kathleen.

  • To keep our Christian faith in the forefront of our homeschool program
  • To work with “eyes on the prize,” and the prize is CHANGE; this means we dive into program activities by working with intention
  • To lead by example
  • Never to accept the status quo, and to remember that lack of function does NOT mean lack of potential to achieve that function

Sophie: love my blog post. and I am going to the dentist today. I am going to behave and to be and pay attention  to listen. Goodbye folks!