Our new Pure Haven Essentials products & Sophie’s garden harvest from last night…but we didn’t grow the fruit!
Lisa:  My family and I have been searching for ways to live healthier, less toxic lives.  Thus our efforts to grow our own organic food (see previous posts about Sophie’s vegetable garden), cook from scratch, and exercise regularly.  I have also been researching levels of toxins in the average American household, and the results are scary.  We are fortunate to have found a product line called Pure Haven Essentials, which boasts a robust collection of organic, nontoxic household cleaners, detergents, and skin care.  Why do I care so much about toxins?  Not only are they detrimental to our general health and longevity, but they are especially detrimental to Sophie’s brain health and development.  People with Down Syndrome have difficulty with eliminating heavy metals and other harmful chemicals from the body due to genetic changes at the cellular level.  I have only limited control over our environment, but I am not about to add “insult to injury” by increasing Sophie’s risk of exposure in our own home!  Stay tuned to learn more about our important findings and about Pure Haven Essentials.

Sophie:  Hi everyone.  This is what we picked from the garden last night.  I am excited to cook dinner with Mom tonight.  I am also excited to try my new soap from Pure Haven Essentials.  Goodbye folks!

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