Lisa: Welcome to our blog! It’s the very first time that Sophie and I post. While some of us out there have writer’s block, we have the opposite problem. (What’s that called? Writer’s diarrhea??!!) So much to share; that’s us. It’s Wednesday…our one glorious day of the week when we get to have a homeschool session without the “interference” of my work or weekend activities. Least I forget that I LOVE my job and that it helps pay the bills, if I could work outside of the home only 2 days a week, I would! Did you know that Sophie’s homeschool has a name? We started this venture over 4 years ago. Shortly thereafter, someone asked my daughter what school she goes to. After giving the woman a blank stare, Sophie looked at me, a forlorn look in her eyes. I quickly piped back, “She’s homeschooled.” Right then and there, I decided that “it” needed a name. Just because you’re homeschooled, doesn’t mean it can’t have a name, right? So I asked Sophie, “What do you want to call your school?” She replied, “How about “Sophie’s School?” Not very original. I suggested using the word “sunshine” somewhere in the name. That’s when she came up with “Sunshine Academy.” Love it!!! If looking at her school’s logo doesn’t make you smile, then you must be a very grumpy person! Thanks to my friend Stephanie for the original artwork.

Sophie: Right! But now that I’m 13, we call my school “The Academy for Higher Learning.” Goodbye folks!

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