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Epiphanies Lessons Weekly

“Have No Fear”

Lisa:  After all these years of pushing to further Sophie’s development, even I sometimes find myself imposing limitations on her.  Parents of special needs children, have you ever found yourselves stuck in the status quo because it’s comfortable?  I believe we subconsciously allow ourselves to remain stuck because we fear failure.  Fear is debilitating.  Not only does …

Epiphanies Weekly

“To Sign or to Speak…is it Hummus or is it Hommous=حُمُّص?”

Lisa:  If you are a speech therapist, or if your child needed speech therapy before the age of 4, you will not like this post. Because Sophie was speech delayed, her therapists recommended we begin signing to her when she was about one year old.  The well-intentioned “experts” rationalized that, without a way to communicate, …