“Math: Keeping it Real”


Lisa:  For the past year, Sophie has been going to the grocery store with her tutor about once weekly.  As a homeschooled student, she welcomes any opportunity to leave the house.  But why the grocery?  Because as Bob and Ellen Doman taught me: Math must MATTER.  Grocery shopping is a...

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    Lisa:  One thing I love about homeschooling is that we can customize our day based on Sophie’s priorities.  In our home, our spiritual growth is top priority.  Today, our bible lesson is about Matthew 5:1-11.  For those who don’t recognize the passage, it’s “The Sermon on the Mount.”...

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“Dignified Speech”

Sophie:  Hi everyone.  I just love my blog. This post is about how I need to use Dignified Speech. Bob and Ellen say I am highly capable.  Please read this. Lisa:  Ever since I started homeschooling Sophie, I’ve mandated a household rule that we call  “dignified speech.”  What does that...

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