“Sophie at the pool of her beloved Tante Zeina on vacation in Baltimore”


Lisa:  There was a time when Sophie was so fearful of the water that her crying would clear out a public pool!  Fortunately, she worked hard to overcome a myriad of issues (sensory, tactile, etc.) and now loves the water!  Sophie’s swimming instructor Stella is currently working on helping her to master breast and free style strokes.

I object to the term “high functioning.”  That’s how most people describe Sophie when they meet her.  She is who she is today, not because she has a “mild” form of Down Syndrome.  (She has Trisomy 21.)  She is who she is because of hard work!  Parents:  Believe in your children.  Be consistent and diligent.  And remember that lack of function does NOT mean lack of potential to achieve that function!!

Sophie:  I feel great when I am at the pool.  Swimming is good exercise.  I love my instructor Stella. She helped me learn not to be afraid in the water.  Goodbye folks!

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