Lisa: After 18 years of implementing targeted intervention therapies and activities on Sophie, racking my brain to help her grow and mature, relearning to play piano in my 50’s to better assist her with piano practice, enrolling her in extracurricular activities, etc. I decided it’s high time for her start giving back. Now don’t give me wrong. She’s been giving back to us since the say she was born. Her smile is infectious, she has a heart of gold, and she loves the Lord. As household coordinator, she shops for our groceries, helps me around the house, she takes care good care of us when we are sick. John and I are working very hard to help her become independent and to achieve gainful and meaningful employment. This is not enough. To think that we should just stop there would be to sell her short! We have been serving her needs for 18 years. Now it’s time for her to serve others. That’s why she got the volunteer job at the local nursing home, which is temporarily on hold thanks to the pandemic. So an idea popped into my head…

A couple of weeks ago, we launched “Operation Blessed for Success.” We spread the word to our neighborhood ladies group that Sophie was available to pick up mail for our seniors and walk it to their front doors, do library book pickup/drop off, video chat with shut-ins by reading poetry/scripture to them and praying with them, video chat to share her recipes, etc. Please spread the word! We are raring to go!!!!

Sophie: I am ready to help others like I did at the nursing home. Want to cook with me? Can I read to you? Operation Blessed for Success is here to help. It feels good to be 18. Goodbye folks!

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