“Pure, Clean Living: One Piece of the Puzzle”


Lisa:  My family and I have been searching for ways to live healthier, less toxic lives.  Thus our efforts to grow our own organic food (see previous posts about Sophie’s vegetable garden), cook from scratch, and exercise regularly.  I have also been researching levels of toxins in the average American household,...

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“Math: Keeping it Real”


Lisa:  For the past year, Sophie has been going to the grocery store with her tutor about once weekly.  As a homeschooled student, she welcomes any opportunity to leave the house.  But why the grocery?  Because as Bob and Ellen Doman taught me: Math must MATTER.  Grocery shopping is a...

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    Lisa:  One thing I love about homeschooling is that we can customize our day based on Sophie’s priorities.  In our home, our spiritual growth is top priority.  Today, our bible lesson is about Matthew 5:1-11.  For those who don’t recognize the passage, it’s “The Sermon on the Mount.”...

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“Ask Sophie”

  Lisa:  Hi everyone!  For those who are not familiar with what is going on in our household, Sophie’s grandmother (Tata Najla) unfortunately fell and broke her hip.  As such, the last couple of months have been a blur, and we have not made much time to blog.  Well, no...

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“Dignified Speech”

Sophie:  Hi everyone.  I just love my blog. This post is about how I need to use Dignified Speech. Bob and Ellen say I am highly capable.  Please read this. Lisa:  Ever since I started homeschooling Sophie, I’ve mandated a household rule that we call  “dignified speech.”  What does that...

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“A Lovely Young Lady”

  Sophie:  I  had great time at my friend Jessica’s wedding. My mom got me a dress from the junior department, NOT the kid’s department.  I am not a kid anymore.  I am a teenager!  I loved dancing with you Baba. John:  I am glad the Lord gave me Sophie....

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