Lisa:  We received our new NACD (National Association for Child Development) program for the next quarter.  Our main goals are to assist Sophie with increasing her global maturity, to get her to care more about her academic success, and to hold her to an even higher standard in all aspects of her development. She is going to have to prove that she completed independent activities, and we will be stressing better quality.

Here’s an example of one area for improvement.  Sophie just completed her daily keyboarding activity; she typed 15 words per minute with 97% accuracy.  (See image above.)  It is no longer ok for Sophie to simply do her daily typing.  She must now snap a picture of her score. Two weeks from now, we want her typing score to remain above a 90%, but we want 20 words per minute or greater!  Go Sophie!

Sophie:  I really enjoy my typing activity.  I do it on our desk top computer in the office.  Then I take a picture of my score with my smart phone to show Mom.  I am getting faster. Goodbye folks!

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