Lisa:  ToniIMG_20160519_210735_019ght we have a simple message:  “CHOCOLATE MAKES US HAPPY!!”  After a powerhouse day at “The Academy,” a.k.a. Sophie’s homeschool, we decided we needed a treat.  So for no particular reason, we decided to drive 20 minutes one way for dark chocolate.  Mind you, there are multiple grocery stores close by.

Sophie:  Wait a minute, wait a minute.  You mean we decided to visit Nicole at her work at the pharmacy. And you said we could buy chocolate from there.

Lisa:  Right.  Sophie’s big sis Nicole is in pharmacy school and works in a retail pharmacy for the summer.  So, after dinner, Sophie and I decided to visit her since my son Christian was also working, and John went to his parish council meeting at church.

Sophie:  Can I please tell them?  We had a very great day.  I did all my school work, and Mom said we could go and get a treat later.  So I said let’s go see Nicole and get chocolate milk.  And you said, no cow’s milk.  It makes you sick. So we went.  And we saw Nicole, and I hugged her, and I met her friends at work, and then you let me buy a Hershey’s dark chocolate bar.  It was yummy.  And then we just blasted music all the way home and sang in the car.  And that’s it!

Lisa:  Chocolate makes us happy.

Sophie:  Oh yeah!  Goodbye folks!


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