Lisa & Sophie at John Muir Woods National Park, California
Beautiful Lake Tahoe
Christian on a cruise of Lake Tahoe

Lisa:  Do you have any hobbies?  We learned early on that Sophie was attracted to electronic devices.  She is pretty computer savvy and just naturally picks up on the operation of handheld devices.  I remember once when she and I were driving to Mount Washington Children’s Hospital in Baltimore from our home in Pennsylvania.  (I am embarrassed to say that this took place a mere 2 1/2 years ago!)  I had just gotten my smart phone, my first ever, a few weeks prior.  I insisted on printing out directions from Google Maps, just in case.  Then I decided, enough paper!  So I threw caution to the wind, ventured away from my written directions, and pulled up the Maps app on my phone.  I became exasperated as I tried to figure out how to operate this app.  Even more exasperated was my child in the back seat.  “Mom, just hand me your phone please!  Ok, you see?  Just type in the address here like this!  Tap on the blue car, then you tap the arrow like this!  You see?  And that’s it!” (Fortunately, she did not say, “Ok idiot!”)

Ok so NOW what?  How can we incorporate this love of gadgets into something worthwhile, something productive, something of more value?  Of course, Sophie’s assistance with maneuvering through Baltimore in rush hour was indeed valuable, but you know what I mean!  So we have decided to cultivate Sophie’s love of photography.  But instead of allowing her to simply snap pictures at random, we are becoming more and more picky with the quality of her pictures.    In fact, this blog in particular, has been motivation for her to step up her game.  So we are registered for a photography class in the fall.  And in the meantime, we are reading up on how to use our Nikon camera and fine tuning and enhancing those photos taken with my not-so-smart phone.  (I have an old Droid, and it’s ready to be enrolled in hospice!)  Sophie took the pictures at the top of this post.

Sophie:  I really love taking pictures.  I like taking pictures of my family and friends.  When we go places, like we’re in San Franciso now on vacation, I take pictures of the place. I took pictures of myself on hikes, the red wood trees, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Lake Tahoe.  I know how to crop a picture and zoom in and out.  I really love taking pictures…I mean photography.  Goodbye folks!

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  1. Technology is the educational platform for this generation. Glad to see that Sophie is inquisitive and has learned on her own by exploring devices. The sky’s the limit. You go, girl!❤

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